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“Dr. Grossmann is a serious professional and very reliable with magnificent therapeutic results and which has as its primary research interest in the field of joint diseases and implementation of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods.”

Prof. Piero Cascone – Associate Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Rome Sapienza, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Chair of Maxillofacial Surgery.

  • "Patrick turned this around and gave me my life back…"
    ‘It all started very suddenly in March 2011, practically over night I developed an intense headache, dizziness and heavy fatigue. This was followed a few weeks later by a constant feeling of full ears. The fewer hours of sleep I had, the more my mental state suffered. I began to feel anxious and stressed to the point that both my home and work life were beginning to deteriorate…Download full testimonial

  • “No more pain or further treatment since…”
    I met Patrick in the early nineties at a practice in Clapham where we both were working at the time. Years ago, I had a fall and banged my jaw; this was ten years before I even noticed any real symptoms. Years later I developed a really bad clicking jaw and the worst problem was a severe pain in my shoulders like a hot knife being driven between my shoulder blades… Download full testimonial

  • Times Online

    August 22, 2009

    Inside Charles Hazlewood's diary

    The conductor reveals his excitement at the prospect of two big outdoor concerts taking place on his farm

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    My life has undergone a revolution. For 20 years I've struggled with flight-induced deafness - a hazard for a conductor who travels. Usually I ask for 24 hours'grace between landing and taking a rehearsal to give my ears a chance to recover, but it' not always possible. I went to Athens recently and had to pick up the baton within hours of touching down. I couldn't understand why the orchestra were playing so limply. I harried them to hell trying to get a decent sound out of them. Next morning (hearing normalised) they nearly blew my ears off! "Why are you guys playing so hard?"I asked them. "Because you told us to, maestro!…"

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