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Hypnosis and Your Treatment

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deep relaxation technique allowing your mind to take a rest. The calming of your mind allows you to process information at a deeper level referred to as the unconscious. This allows you to view things as they really are and not purely on how you have learned to react to them.

This re-evaluation at a deep level allows a change in approach at the surface level. At no time does your mind ever “sleep”, switch off, nor is it possible for you to lose control or power. It is not possible to make you do anything you do not wish under hypnosis. The trance state experienced is identical to that experienced while driving a long journey, daydreaming or in the twilight before we fall asleep. The process of relaxation is similar to that given after aerobic and yoga classes. Patients often report feeling much more relaxed in many aspects of their lives after hypnosis.

How does it work?

The activity of some of the chemicals in the nervous system can be affected by stress. This can lead to an increase in the perception of pain. Hypnosis dilutes stress by taking our focus elsewhere. In our normal every day lives we “trance” out many times. We do this naturally without any conscious thought and it is often referred to as “day dreaming” or being in a “world of our own”. This natural ability for self hypnosis combats stress. This automatic trancing in and out allows our stress levels to remain acceptably low and leaves us in a favourable position to tolerate some pain or discomfort should it arise

Individuals who suffer prolonged pain find occasions when they lose themselves in their unconscious thoughts become shorter and less frequent. In effect our natural “stress buster” doesn't work and our pain tolerance goes down. This is further complicated by deprivation of other stress relief patterns such as uninterrupted sleep.

Hypnosis allows you to visit this “world of your own” guided at first and subsequently alone where you can zap the stress, clear the system and increase your pain tolerance. Those who suffer prolonged pain inevitably encounter more stress dealing with life and have a greater need to master this technique.

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